WANG Rui,ZHANG Jiquan,GUO Enliang,et al.Spatiotemporal characteristics of drought and waterlogging during maize growing season in midwestern Jilin province for recent 55 years[J].,2018,27(01):186-197.[doi:10.13577/j.jnd.2018.0122]





Spatiotemporal characteristics of drought and waterlogging during maize growing season in midwestern Jilin province for recent 55 years
王蕊 张继权 郭恩亮 李丹君 哈斯 阿鲁思
东北师范大学 环境学院, 吉林 长春 130117
WANG Rui ZHANG Jiquan GUO Enliang LI Danjun Ha Si Alu Si
School of Environment, Northeast Normal University, Changchun 130117, China
drought and waterloggingcrop water surplus and deficit indexmaizespatiotemporal characteristicsmidwestern Jilin province
玉米是吉林中西部地区的主要粮食作物,明确该地区玉米旱涝灾害的时空变化特征,有利于该区域制定防灾减灾应对措施。本文采用M-K突变检验法、线性趋势分析法和IDW反距离加权法,基于水分盈亏指数(CSWDI)和旱涝等级,揭示吉林中西部地区近55 a玉米生长季旱涝时空分布特征。结果表明:玉米需水量和有效降水量在抽雄-乳熟期最大;出苗-拔节期水分盈亏指数区域性差异最大,旱涝交替现象最为频繁;中旱及以上频率分布空间上趋于一致,均为由吉林西部向中部递减;出苗-拔节期,中涝及以上频率分布具有明显的区域性,其频率值范围在0~15%之间,由吉林西部向中部递增,其余三个生育期,中涝及以上频率值较低。纵观整个生长季,吉林中西部地区玉米更易受旱灾的影响。
Maize is the main grain crop in midwestern Jilin province. It’s conducive to formulate regional disaster prevention and mitigation measures based on spatio-temporal distributions of drought and waterlogging for maize. It is essential to analyze the spatio-temporal characteristics for maize growing stages in recent 55 years in Jilin province based on the crop water surplus and deficit index (CWSDI) combining grades of drought and waterlogging. Results show that, the largest effective precipitation and water requirement for maize are both at the tasseling-milk ripe stage. It’s the largest regional diversity for CWSDI and the largest probability of drought is at emergence-jointing stage, and alternate occurring of waterlogging and drought is the most frequent. Frequency distribution of drought in middle or above of maize growth stages is consistent as descending from west to central region. At emergence-jointing stage, frequency distribution of waterlogging in middle or above of maize growth stages has obvious diversity.The values of frequency are between 0~15% and ascending from west to central region.Through out the whole growing stage,it is more easily affected by drought disaster in Jilin province.


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