ZHU Caihui,GUO Bingxuan.Water hazard detection and waterproof measures in the foundation of ancient building[J].,2018,27(02):059-67.[doi:10.13577/j.jnd.2018.0207]





Water hazard detection and waterproof measures in the foundation of ancient building
朱才辉 郭炳煊
西安理工大学 岩土工程研究所, 陕西 西安 710048
ZHU Caihui GUO Bingxuan
Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an 710048, China
foundation of ancient building (FAB)water hazard detectionground penetrating radarsoil electrical resistivitywaterproof measures
To investigate the spatial-temporal distribution and formation mechanism of the water hazard in the foundation of ancient building (FAB), the mini time domain reflection system (TDR), soil electrical resistivity (SER) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) methods are employed to test the moisture field. The causation of water hazard, spatial-temporal distribution and migration of water after the rainfall are analyzed in depth based on the electromagnetic wave theory and SER theory, and the waterproof measures of ABB are also proposed. The test results show that the water in the FAB is unevenly distributed, the saturation degree of rammed soil in the bottom of the FAB is higher than that of the top of the FAB. The rainfall has a greater influence on the top of the FAB than the bottom of the FAB, and the water has an tendency to migrate from the top of the FAB to the external wall, the arch of the city-gate and rammed soil foundation. The deep diseases such as long years disrepair of impervious layer and the leakage passage induced by softening of collapsible compacted loess are revealed. The water content in the FAB is reduced and its stability can be improved by using the following waterproof measures:replacing the impervious layer, grouting in local rammed soil with superfine cement or PS filtration, changing the drainage slope of the top of the foundation and taking enforcement drainage measures.


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