WU Ying,ZHA Sixi,JIN Pengwei,et al.Reliability analysis of buried gas pipeline subject to debris flow[J].,2019,28(02):199-206.[doi:10.13577/j.jnd.2019.0222]





Reliability analysis of buried gas pipeline subject to debris flow
伍颖1 查四喜1 金鹏威2 豆利军3
1. 西南石油大学 土木工程与建筑学院, 四川 成都 610500;
2. 江西省宜春市铜鼓县水务局, 江西 宜春 336200;
3. 四川亚大塑料制品有限公司, 四川 成都 611830
WU Ying1 ZHA Sixi1 JIN Pengwei2 DOU Lijun3
1. School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu 610500, China;
2. Water Bureau of Tonggu County, Yichun 336200, China;
3. Sichuan Yada plastic products Co., Ltd. Chengdu 611830, China
debris flowlong distance pipelineFEAstress-strength interference modelMATLABreliability analysis
With the increasing number of geological disasters and extreme weather, the pipeline failure caused by debris flow is constantly occurring. According to relevant data, the velocity of debris flow was regard as a random variable, and its distribution was determined. Based on ABAQUS, considering the nonlinear contact between tube and soil, the interaction model among debris flow, soil and buried pipeline is established. Then, the maximum stress of buried gas pipelines subject to debris flow with different velocity was calculated. Consequently, the distribution of the maximum stress was determined. Finally, by means of the normal distribution of pipeline yield strength r taken from the related literature, the reliability of pipeline was evaluated by two different methods using MATLAB software. The research is of great reference value for the prevention of pipeline subject to debris flow.


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