WEI Bingqian,YANG Po,LUO Xiaokang,et al.Analysis and evaluation of mountain flood disaster in small watershed without data[J].,2019,28(03):158-165.[doi:10.13577/j.jnd.2019.0318]





Analysis and evaluation of mountain flood disaster in small watershed without data
魏炳乾1 杨坡1 罗小康2 赵宾华1 左娟莉1
1. 西安理工大学 省部共建西北旱区生态水利国家重点实验室, 陕西 西安 710048;
2. 陕西省防汛抗旱总指挥部信息中心, 陕西 西安 710004
WEI Bingqian1 YANG Po1 LUO Xiaokang2 ZHAO Binhua1 ZUO Juanli1
1. State Key Laboratory of Eco-hydraulics in Northwest Arid Region of China, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an 710048, China;
2. Shaanxi Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, Information Center, Xi’an 710004, China
mountain flood disasterarea without datadesign floodrisk assessmentcritical rainfall
The analysis and evaluation of mountain torrents in small and medium-sized basins is of great significance for disaster prevention and mitigation in this area. Firstly, the design flood in 100 years, 20 years and 5 years is deduced respectively based on the local rainstorm data. Then the design flood levels of different frequencies are calculated by using the energy equation in combination with the measured control section and the river channel gradient. Next, the flood control ability of the villages along the river is determined by comparing the elevation of the residential house with the design flood level, and the dangerous grades are classified accordingly. Finally, the critical rainfall under different soil moisture content is deduced by the back-calculation method of disaster discharge. The results show that:(1) Among all the villages along the river in this analysis and evaluation, there are three extremely high-risk zones with flood control capacity less than once in 5 years, five high risk zones between 5 years and 20-year return periods, nine dangerous zones between 20-year and 100-year return periods, and they are mainly distributed in the mainstream coastal areas with large catchment area and high flood level. (2) Soil water content has an important influence on the calculation results of critical rainfall. The larger the soil water content is, the smaller the critical rainfall value is. (3) The difference between the calculated immediate transfer rainfall and the prepared transfer rainfall is larger in the tributary area wherein the stream gradient is large, the flow velocity is fast and the peak is thin. Therefore, the calculation results of critical rainfall are also related to the location of the watershed. (4) Mountain torrents will occur in a disaster village when the rainfall reaches the immediate transfer of rainfall. On the other hand, if the rainfall reaches the point where it is ready to transfer, it may be known how long it will take before the village is flooded, so as to provide a basis for the evacuation of residents along the river.


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