GONG Li,LU Ruiqin,JIN Chunling,et al.Winter operation safety evaluation of long distance water diversion channels in cold areas based on game-improved extension theory[J].,2019,28(06):081-92.[doi:10.13577/j.jnd.2019.0609]





Winter operation safety evaluation of long distance water diversion channels in cold areas based on game-improved extension theory
贡力 路瑞琴 靳春玲 吴梦娟
兰州交通大学 土木工程学院, 甘肃 兰州 730070
GONG Li LU Ruiqin JIN Chunling WU Mengjuan
Civil Engineering of Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou 730070, China
entropy weightgame theoryimproved matter element extension modelopen channelsafety evaluation
In order to effectively solve and prevent the occurrence of channel ice damage during water delivery in the cold areas of northern China, and ensure benefit of agriculture water use in winter irrigation district, and based on the cumulated engineering experiences and research results, it is pointed out that the open channel in the cold area adopts the method of water delivery under the ice cover in winter, which can eliminate many problems and summarize the influencing factors affecting the safe operation of the open channel in winter. An evaluation index system is established, with the WSR theory, for the operation safety of long-distance open channels in winter in cold areas and the indexes are quantified by grades according to the current nation specifications, technical regulation, by grades according to the current nation specifications, technical regulation, relevant monographs, etc. The subjective and objective weights of each index are calculated by G1 method and improved entropy weight method, respectively. The combination weight of each index is determined using MATLAB under the guidance of the game theory. According to the characteristics of the long-distance open channel operation in winter in cold areas, combined with the asymmetric closeness theory, the winter operation safety evaluation model for the long-distance open channel in the cold areas with improved matter element extension model is established. Taking the open channel of the DATONG river to QingWangChuan as an example, the winter operation safety status of the main canal, the East 1 main canal and the East 2 main canal open channel section are evaluated. The evaluation results are consistent with the actual results. The results show that:(1) Based on the cumulated engineering experiences, research results and related norms of engineering in cold areas of China, the impact index system of the three major aspects of W-S-R for the safe operation of winter open channels in cold regions is established, which lays a foundation for the rationality of safety evaluation results; (2) The weights of each index are calculated by the weighting method combined subjective and objective of improved entropy weight-G1-game theory, which makes the results of weighting calculation both scientific and explanatory; (3) Based on the traditional matter-element extension theory, combined with the principle of asymmetric sticking schedule, the evaluation model of multi-index feature parameters is established, and the closeness of the safety level of the open channel and the adjacent level is further clarified. Compared with the traditional extension method, the improved method is more accurate and effective, and has certain scientific and practicality, and can provide a scientific reference for the winter safety management of open channels in cold areas.


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